03 Mar 2022

Neocortical lamination: ontogenesis, cytoarchitecture and hodology (1)

In this series of articles I summarize my neuroscience literature review. I tend to omit species specific variation unl...
30 Jan 2022

Pathetic McFlurry

Him and her. They sit on a sofa in a tiny rented London flat. The city wakes up into yet another busy evening. They opt...
25 Sep 2021

Draft of a communication protocol (c11np)

In this article I draft a protocol for the emergence of communication in a collective of agents which can optimize rewards from observations.
11 Sep 2021

Is reverse-engineering and implementing the mammalian brain a random search?

In this article I argue against the expectation that the first AGI will be anything like the mammalian brain.
22 Mar 2021

MAS communication: The State of the Art

In this article I review existing literature relevant to MAS and language evolution.
18 Feb 2021

Book review: Dragon's Egg

A script for an unfinished short animation about Robert L. Forward's sci-fi novel „Dragon's Egg”.
12 Feb 2021

On communication in multi-agent systems (MAS)

Some opening thoughts about emergent behaviours in MAS.
05 Feb 2021

Environment sniffing with localizers

Localizers as described in Vernor Vinge's sci-fi novel „A Deepness in the Sky” are point-sized objects which float in zero-gee and communicate with their peers to perform arbitrary computation.